What is going on underground?

With all this rain, water tables are reaching deeper and deeper into the ground, migrating toward basement walls, and putting a tremendous amount of hydrostatic pressure against our homes. Asphalt waterproofing and foundation drains are failing and just not providing adequate protection. As a result, water is finding its way into our homes.
  What can be done?
To handle the issue once and for all, Absolute Landscape.com implements a 3 part solution having to do with 1) Grading and Water Shed, 2) Surface Water Collection, and 3) An Impervious Barrier Foundation Collection System. Water seepage and flooding should be solved through a Drainage Solution Plan incorporating these three fundamental parts. A long term exterior solution is possible.

Who can help?
Absolute Landscape.com has helped hundreds of homeowners over the past decade solve their water infiltration problems and we can help you too.
www.AbsoluteLandscape.com approaches each and every consultation with the philosophy that water entry problems are an outdoor issue, should be contained and prevented outdoors, and water should never be allowed to enter the home, when possible